Brakes Repair - Truck & Car



Car brake lathe creates a more "true surface" than bench lathes thus creating a longer brake life. Small details like this add up to value that pays off over the life of your vehicle..

Callaway's Automotive repairs and maintains all makes and models of car and truck brakes and brake systems.    

comprehensive advice on brake repair and maintenance

The three (3) articles that we've written amplify the typical problems with brakes, include some photos, and discuss the different problems and how you can know which problem you have.  

Ultimately, its all about friction and how to manage it.

1) "6 Ways Your Brakes Are Begging for Your Attention" 

2)  "3 Reasons why Brake Pads matter?"

3)  "Cheap Brake Repairs: Why it matters Who repairs Your Brakes!"

"no hassle" Brake repair and maintenance services

Our automobile brake repair and maintenance service includes: 

     - Checking drums and rotors for thickness.

     - Replacing pads and or brake shoes 

     - Resurfacing drums and or rotors 

     - Clean and lube caliper slides

     - Pack wheel bearings when applicable

     - Check wheel cylinders for leakage

     - Top off the system with brake fluid.

     - Checking for and/or repairing fluid leaks

We perform our brake services in our modern and well equipped 10-Bay Shop which is conveniently located in the DFW Mid-Cities (NRH) in Northeast Tarrant County at 5832 Davis Blvd. North Richland Hills, Texas 76180 about a mile north of Loop 820.  Our phone number is (817) 485-8189 . . . Call us, we can help!