Wheel Alignments (Front and Rear)


Located on Davis Boulevard a couple of minutes south of the Discount Tire Store at Davis & Precinct, we are conveniently located to perform a quick and precise front wheel alignment. 

Wheel Alignment Problem Symptoms

A wheel alignment may be needed if your vehicle is pulling or drifting to the left or to the right.

Hunter 811 Laser Front End Wheel Alignment machine and lift

Hunter 811 Laser Front End Wheel Alignment machine and lift

A properly aligned car will track straight and true, and if yours isn't, it could be tire pressure, or it could be your vehicle's wheels are out of alignment.  Check your tire pressure first, as this is quick and free and often the 1st cause of pulling or drifting.  (We're happy to do that for you at no cost).

If you find you are holding and applying pressure to the steering wheel to keep your car in its lane on the highway, this is another sign that you may need a wheel alignment.  

Take a look at your tire wear.  If your front tires are wearing out more quickly than they should (even after rotating the tires) then your vehicle may need a wheel alignment.

If you've hit a curb or a pothole, you may notice your vehicle not tracking straight, and again, this would be a clear indicator that a wheel alignment is needed.


Front End  Wheel Alignment : Our Service

Usually, there are adjustments in three main areas that we can make to your car's front end alignment; "castor", "chamber", and "toe".   In addition for making these adjustments for these factors, the root cause of the mis-alignment will be analyzed and corrected if needed (ball joints, idler arms, etc).

*Service Note* : 4-door long-bed trucks and dual rear wheel vehicles along with some oversize "after market" wheels and tires will not fit on our lifts and we are unable to service these vehicles.   Raised or Lowered Vehicles will be additional charge if the vehicle can possibly be serviced on our equipment. Please call before your visit if either of these conditions describes your vehicle.

It usually takes about an hour to perform our wheel alignment service which is performed on our Hunter 811 Laser Wheel Alignment Machine.

We perform our laser precision and accurate front wheel alignment services in our modern and well equipped 10-Bay Shop which is conveniently located in the DFW Mid-Cities in Northeast Tarrant County (NRH) at 5832 Davis Blvd. North Richland Hills, Texas 76180 about a mile north of Loop 820.  Our phone number is (817) 485-8189 . . . Call us, we can help!