Timing Belts Maintenance

The vehicle manufacturer explicitly recommends the mileage when your motor's timing belt should be replaced.  Why?  Because the potential (and probable) damage from a broken timing belt can be extensive to the internal (translate: expensive) engine components resulting in bent valves, and a warped head.  (Yes, some vehicles have "non-interfering" timing belts which mitigate this risk - we can help you know if your vehicle is in this category.)  



The timing belt cracks at high mileage and then it breaks.  And when the timing belt breaks, your engine either stops running, or breaks internal parts and then stops running.  Either way . . . someone needs to come pick you up alongside the road, and a tow truck is needed to begin the repair process.  

We recommend adhering to the manufacturer's suggested interval for replacing timing belts.

We perform our timing belt maintenance services in our modern and well equipped 10-Bay Shop which is conveniently located in the DFW Mid-Cities in Northeast Tarrant County (NRH) at 5832 Davis Blvd. North Richland Hills, Texas 76180 about a mile north of Loop 820.  

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