Shock Absorbers for Smooth, Safe, and Cost Effective Ride

monroe shocks and struts

Usually people think of Shock Absorbers ("shocks") as the things on their vehicle which lead to a smooth ride.  And they are that, but more importantly they are an integral component to a safe ride because Shocks affect (1) stopping, (2) turning, and (3) control!   Finally, Shock Absorbers are also an important component of costs, in that their lack of performance will cause Brakes and Tires to wear our much more quickly.  A rule of thumb is to have your Shock Absorbers reviewed for replacement every 50,000 miles.  


Smooth Ride vs. Safe Ride

New tires, along with a front end alignment, will often radically transform the feel (and interior sound level) of your vehicle's ride.   That is, until the smooth pavement stops, brakes are applied, or the journey becomes twisting and curvy.   

Positive traction to an uneven road surface requires properly functioning shock absorbers.  Without positive traction, your vehicle is unsafe at any speed.  Your vehicle will not accelerate, stop, or turn without proper traction . . . and shock absorbers are a key component to traction.

When brakes are applied the shock absorbers help distribute the vehicle's weight and stopping energy to all brakes instead of only the front brakes.  Without the shock absorbers, your braking distance increases and the front brakes wear out much faster which leads to costly and unnecessary maintenance.  

Sometimes you'll see a vehicle's weight roll and sway in the opposite direction of a turn.  This puts more pressure on tires on the outside of the turn and reduces the traction on the tires on the inside of the turn.  Shock Absorbers help distribute the forces associated with turns such that the vehicle's weight is more evenly balanced and more positive control is maintained on all the tires.  And because the shock absorbers help put balanced pressure on the tires, turns are safer and tires wear longer.



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