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Cooling Systems Maintenance and Repair

Your vehicle's engine cooling system relies on a series of water pump, hoses, radiator, coolant, and fan(s) with the objective to circulate conditioned water under high pressure through a closed system.  This closed system runs through internal pipes in the engine block and various metal and rubber hoses, as well as through the water pump.  The water in these pipes convect the heat generated from the internal combustion engine's ignition process out to the radiator.  The radiator is where cooler external air runs across the fins and blades of the radiator's looping thin walled tubes and pipes.  This is where the hot water in the tubes and pipes cools before being pumped back through the engine to begin the cycle once again.  The chemically treated coolant water fluid circulates through all these metal and rubber pipes and chemically breaks down over time.  The cooling system requires a scheduled maintenance flush which replaces the fluids with new coolant.   Coolant flush maintenance will vary by manufacturer, model, and year.  For most vehicles, the recommended coolant flush maintenance schedule is in the 50k mile range.



The symptoms of a problem with your car's water pump include; leaks, a roaring sound, or the engine operating temperature too high.  

Often the source of that puddle of coolant in the driveway will be a leak in your water pump system (gasket, hose, clamps, etc).  

Sometimes, you may hear a roaring sound from worn out bearings in the water pump.  

And lastly, sometimes the impeller assembly inside the water pump simply rusts out and disintegrates which means there's no water being pumped through your car's engine block . . . resulting in no coolant flowing and thus overheating.  

We routinely diagnose and replace water pumps as a core part of our auto repair services.

We perform our water pump replacement services in our modern and well equipped 10-Bay Shop which is conveniently located in the DFW Mid-Cities in Northeast Tarrant County (NRH) at 5832 Davis Blvd. North Richland Hills, Texas 76180 about a mile north of Loop 820.  

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