Spring Broke

Why does it always seem to happen at the worst moment? Half-way to Padre Island, or Wolf Creek Pass, or in other words....in the middle of nowhere.

Even out of cell phone tower range.  Often after dark.  At the mercy of strangers and passerby's.

Unsafe and unsure.

If you'd like more confidence and less worry on your next trip, here are some very practical things you can do:

1.  Maintain a AAA membership for about $35/year and $17/year for dependents

2.  A week or two before your trip, let us take a look at your:

A.  tire tread,

B.  tire pressure,

C.  alignment,

D.  hoses,

E.  belts,

F.  brakes,

G.  fluids,

H.  turn signal,

I.  brake lamps,

J.  and any dash warning lights that may have come on.

Since we look at thousands of vehicles every year, we can quickly and professionally evaluate the condition of your car's systems most likely to break on longer journeys.   And if they need maintenance or repair, we know how to do that too!

Of course, maintaining your vehicle on a regularly scheduled basis, including oil changes, brake servicing, and filter cleaning/changing will help increase the overall reliability of your car as well as increase the long term value of your investment.

It only takes a moment to heed these few simple and quick words of advice to help you maximize your vacation time, and minimize your risk and your worries!   Call us for an appointment at 817.485.8189!