Sometimes we receive reviews and testimonials that make us pause in appreciation and thankfulness for what wonderful customers we serve.  We're humbled by such kind and generous words of affirmation and are so very appreciative for the opportunities you've given us.  Thank you!

"I have been using Callaways for years. Mark and his crew are excellent. Integrity and honesty are the two best words I know to describe how they treat their customers. Several times I've had an auto issue that I thought needed to be fixed, for example, I took my 2011 Chevy truck to them because the brakes were making a terrible squeaking noise. I told Mark that I thought the truck needed a brake job. He called me back a short time after I dropped it off, "There is nothing wrong with your brakes, we checked all 4 wheels. We also applied some brake spray to stop the noise. Come and pick up your truck." When I arrived I asked, "How much do I owe you?" Mark replied, "No charge. Come back when you have another problem." I highly recommend Callaways!" -  David  (November 7, 2014)