"$11.62? That's all?" #CallawaysAutoRepairStories

Bob's '89 Buick had been to two other shops and they said it was either gonna cost him $300 or $600 depending on what they found.  Looking for another opinion he dropped off his Buick and waited for our call to let him know if it was gonna be $300 or $600.   

10 minutes later we called and asked him to come pick it up and bring $11.62 to pay his bill in full.

Bob asked incredulously, "$11.62?  That's all?"


"You could have called me tomorrow afternoon and charged me $300 or $600 and I wouldn't have known the difference", Bob said.


But that isn't how we do business.  

This was Bob's first visit to our shop.  That was in 1998.  Over the past 18 years we've maintained all of Bob's cars.   And his wife's.  And his children's.  

That's how we do business.

We earn our customer's business for LIFE by trying to treat them right EVERY time.

Family owned and operated.  Old school values.  Call us.  We can help!   (817) 485-8189.   Or stop by anytime Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm.  

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